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Eastern Merchants PLC

We are one of the leading commodity trading houses in Sri Lanka. While our primary export is natural rubber we are also involved in the trade and export of Ceylon cinnamon, coconut fibre, desiccated coconut, fresh fruit and vegetables. We also trade in industrial raw materials for the rubber goods manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka. Eastern Merchants caters to a broad international market spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our Journey

Over the past 75 years, Eastern Merchants has evolved into a multi-origin commodity trading house with interests in the manufacture of value added rubber.








Founding of Eastern Merchants

Eastern Merchants becomes a public quoted Company by listing on the Colombo Brokers Association, before the establishment of the Colombo Stock Exchange in 1985

Eastern Merchants relocates its logistics operation to a 75,000 SQFT purpose built warehouse complex at Sapugaskanda

The addition of a purpose built Cinnamon processing centre in the heart of Sri Lanka's Cinnamon plantations helps Eastern Merchants become the number one exporter of Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

Eastern Merchants becomes the largest exporter of natural rubber from Sri Lanka and expands its focus to trading natural rubber from offshore origins

Founding of Eastern Merchants Commodities Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to facilitate and enhance the company's offshore trading capabilities

Eastern Merchants expands into the value added rubber products space via the acquisition of Microcells (Pvt) Ltd.

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